Zappu vs. Dirty Jigs

I like to try out new fishing gear all the time. Sometimes its
hard to sort through what catches fish and what catches fisherman.
When I do try new things I will post what my unscientific opinion of
these products is. Today I’m going to put the Zappu PD Chopper Swim
Jig against the Dirty Jigs California Swim Jig.

The Zappu PD Chopper Swim Jig is a Japanese made swim jig that has
a less conventional shaped jig head that is popular in Japan with
some unique features. The Dirty Jigs California Swim Jig is a more
recognizable swim jig made by a smaller company in Wisconsin. I’m
going to compare each jigs’ features and my experience using each
jig. I used the relatively same color combination with a Keitech
Swing Impact trailer on both.

Jig Head. The Dirty Jig has a head shape we are more familiar with
as a swim jig head. It has a more pointed nose to allow it to be
pulled through the weeds more easily. It is positioned properly to
allow it to always swim upright. It has a weed guard to also help
keep the weeds off the hook. As I fished the Dirty jig, it did pull
through the weeds with relative ease. The only place weeds hung up on
the jig was the knot on the line tie and a small glass bead helped to
all but eliminate pulling up weeds.

The Zappu has a tungston head that has a unique shape that is
suppose to produce a more subtler side to side vibrating action like
a chatterbait. The face of the head is flat with a diamond like
shape. As I used this jig I did not notice any side to side action.
It seemed to just swim straight and with the flat face it made it
nearly impossible to swim it through any heavy vegetation. Swimming
it over the tops of the weeds was not a problem at all.

Advantage: Dirty Jigs

Skirt and Hook. The skirt on the Zappu is lush and full and is
hand tied on so it will never move or come off. It also features a
super sharp Owner hook that never failed me and made hooksets easy.

The Dirty jigs skirt is full and vibrant but is held on by a
collar. I never had a problem with the skirt moving but rubber
collars do wear out. It has a Gamakatsu hook that also made hook
setting effortless.

Slight Advantage: Zappu.

Trailer Keeper. The Dirty Jigs has just the usual molded spike on
the bottom of the hook. Depending on the trailer, after a few pulls
on the trailer, the trailer won’t stay up.

The Zappu has 2 different trailer keeper options. One way is to
rig it down the hook where it has a wire hook that digs into the
trailer to hold it there till it gets broken off. The other rigging
method is it has a wire screw attached to the line tie that the
trailer can be screwed on and then over the top of the hook. With it
rigged on the screw it just didn’t look very good since the skirt is
tied to the hook. So the trailer is above the skirt. This seemed to
make a big difference to the fish as I didn’t catch any fish with it
rigged this way.

Slight Advantage: Zappu.

Bottom line of catching fish and user friendly. They both caught
tons of fish. These were my go-to baits when I was fishing weeded
flats instead of throwing a spinnerbait. The fish seemed to respond
very well to both. It comes down to I can throw the Dirty Jigs in any
cover and it will pull through like a champ. The Zappu could only be
fished over the top of the weeds and not in them. With the Dirty Jigs
I could do both. And with a price of $7.99 for the Zappu and only
$4.99 for the Dirty jigs, I’ll take price and versatility over

Buy the Zappu because of it’s quality components and fish catching
ability. Buy the Dirty Jigs for it’s   fish catching ability,
versatility and price.