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2016 preseason meeting

this Thursday march 24th at 7pm at Carbonnes pizza in Lakeville(on the corner of cedar and 160thst)

We will discuss dates, lakes to fish, and any rule changes anyone would like to suggest. Everyone is welcome.

2015 schedule announced

The 2015 schedule is located HERE.


With the 2015 bass fishing season coming up fast and furious, now is the time to get all your supplies for 2015. New line, new baits, more rods, more reels, etc. Open water is coming soon and you don’t want to be behind.

Waconia August 10th

One week from today on August 10th from 6:30 to 11:30 we will be on Waconia. Should be a great time of year for some great bags with the bass being caught everywhere right now. $40 per boat with the $10 optional big bass pot. I look forward to seeing everyone next sunday.

O’Dowd July 27

One week from today, sunday July 27th we will be fishing on a lot of peoples favorite lake, O’Dowd. Last year we saw 2 of our biggest fish ever, a 7.1 lb behemoth and a 5.95 giant. I’m always amazed at the bags on O’Dowd. It is no wake right now, but the lake is not huge so it is not an issue. To be honest, I’m getting spoiled by these no wake conditions. No wake board or tubers equal some nice and quiet days on the water.

$40 per boat with $10 big bass optional pot as usual. Remember, it is ok to bring your kid with you if they are 12 and under.

See you all next sunday


Welcome Matt

I would like to introduce our newest addition to the Bass Pursuit team, Matt Stearns. I met Matt last year during one of our tourneys. I have never met a 14 year old with the passion for bass fishing that he has shown. His willingness to learn and try new things are something I have never seen before in teenager. Especially with most kids into other sports and videogames.10269491_614209188677349_1023576874382047713_n[1] I wish I had started when I was his age. So we have added Matt to our team to watch him grow in our beloved sport and share in his experiences on the water. I believe we will all enjoy what he learns and shares with us all.


How do you guys feel about changing color? This past Pan-O-Prog tournament it made a big difference. We started out throwing a straight pumpkin color and couldn’t get bit. So we switched it up to one person throwing the pumpkin while the other threw green pumpkin. The green pumpkin outfished the pumpkin significantly. Then when the clouds cleared up they were biting the straight pumpkin again. I believe that switching the colors up on that day helped us to a second place finish out of 35 boats that day.imageHow do you guys feel about changing color?

Lake Marion 6/29

Sorry for the late notice. I was on family vacation to Mount Rushmore. By the way, if you haven’t been, I suggest you should go. So this sunday june 29 we will be on Lake Marion. Just like every other lake in the metro it is no wake right now. Which is good because that means no tubers or wakeboard boats. So what we will do is start a few minutes early at 6:15 so everyone has a chance to put-put their way out to their spot and we will end a little later at 12:00 noon so everyone has a chance to put-put their way back. We need everyone to obey the no-wake ordinance so we do not have any problems with any lake homeowners.(because we know they all own the lake.)

$40/boat with optional $10 big fish pot.

See you all sunday


Week 2 june 15th tourney

In light of Lake Minnetonka being completely no wake and the other various problems and finding out that there is a scheduling conflict with another league on Medicine the week we are out there, we are switching the schedule and will be fishing Medicine Lake one week from today on June 15th and Minnetonka on July 13th.

Medicine Lake June 15th, 6:30-11:30. $40 /boat 4 fish limit and all the usual stuff. I’ve gotten various reports that Medicine is producing some good fish right now and should have some nice bags. We will launch and weigh in at the Clifton E. French Regional Park launch site on the North side of the lake off Medicine Lake Rd. The park does open at 5am and costs $5 to enter. Try to be there early because I’m not sure where else to park if it is full. I do not foresee that as a problem though.

I look forward to seeing everyone next Sunday. The water temps are heating up and the fishing will too.

2014 season opener 5/25/14 Crystal Lake

Tomorrow, sunday May 25th from 6:30-11:30 is our opener for the 2014 season on Crystal Lake in Dakota County. $40 per boat, optional $10 per boat big bass pot, or sign up for the season for $210. Try to get there soon enough to guarantee yourself a parking spot.
Same rules as previous years, except only 4 fish in the livewell at all times. And a boat can have 3 fisherman in the boat is 12 and under.
Look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.